How to Improve Teamwork: Choose Peace

Two weeks ago, I suggested that you set the goal of peace. I further said that setting the goal of peace provides two dramatic benefits:

1. You experience peace now; and

2. You experience peace and peaceful events and circumstances in the future.

Here are a couple of other benefits at work: improved employee morale and the ability to develop an effective work team.

In last week’s post, I asked the question: why don’t most people choose peace and I gave several reasons? To complete this discussion, here’s the biggest reason: our unwillingness to forgive!

Our willingness to forgive the seeming injustices that are a fact of everyday life appears to be our single greatest weakness. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that the only person we hurt when we refuse to forgive is ourselves, the evidence also shows that people do not want to forgive.

To the contrary, people actually cherish their negativity. Kindness and being a nice human being doesn’t sell very well. We somehow feel entitled to create enemies and we justify our right to do just that. Just look around you. Don’t you see this on an almost daily basis? Just because we were once wounded by another seems to justify our right to wound others. And when this happens at work, which it does far too frequently, morale plummets.

Here’s the reality: your grievances mean absolutely nothing. Do you think anyone cares about them other than you? And how do you think the ugliness that comes out of people’s mouths reflects on them others? I have someone in my life who loves to make negative comments about others and she won’t miss an opportunity to do that. Do you know someone like that? Here’s the only problem: every time I hear her saying something nasty about another, I wonder what she’s saying about me behind my back!

The only thing that seems to make a difference with people is the fact that resentment and anger has a huge impact on our nervous system. So it’s neither healthy nor wise to not forgive. When we get angry, the blood is drained from the thinking part of our brain so we can’t even think straight.

People just don’t look at life carefully enough and see the consequences of who they’re being and which voice they’re listening to, the righteous voice of the ego or the loving voice of their higher consciousness.

This could make such a huge difference in your organization. When people are willing to forgive and let go, when they are willing to be compassionate and kind to each other, employee morale goes up, effective work teams are created, and results get produced. And best of all, you get to experience peace. Try it, you’ll like it.

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