LEADING A TEAM – 10 Tips to Success!

Charged with leading a team and not quite sure what to do? You’re not alone.  Let’s see what we can do to simplify this mystery. 

Here are some tips on team leadership:

1. Create and hold the vision. Let them know “where” they’re going.  A mission often tells the “why” of the vision, so share that too.  
2. Set clear, achievable goals.  Be clear on expectations – the game plan and how you expect them to operate.  Expect without inspecting.  Provide appropriate resources, time and support.  People develop loyalty when they feel that their needs are being considered.
3. Provide clear, firm direction and guidance.  Good leadership skills are like parenting skills in this regard.  Also, give people a safe space to take on new challenges, grow and make mistakes.
4. Positive reinforcement is another parenting skill that works great for leading and motivating teams.  Provide praise when you notice things are done “right” or for a job well done.  When it’s not, coach them without making a big deal out of it.
5. Leverage people’s strengths.  This produces a team that is efficient and effective!
6. Be an effective listener!  Focus on the person and listen for possibilities, what’s good about them and what they have to say, what they’re committed to and with compassion when upsets occur.  Ask clarifying questions if you’re not sure.
7. Be proactive not reactive.  Erratic emotions are not productive at work or at home!
8. Be a good role model, exhibiting passion and positivity.  Your energy and excitement will motivate your team to attain the vision and accomplish the mission.
9. Walk the talk.  Your team will believe and trust in you when you have integrity. 
10. Team meetings – Bring the team together to plan, brainstorm, collaborate, update and have fun!  Let them know how important they are to the success of the team and the company



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