Are you waiting for things to be “perfect” before you take action on a particular project or decision you are contemplating?  Stop waiting and get into ACTION NOW.

 Most successful people are highly action-oriented.  They often have a low tolerance for excessive planning and talking about things.  They want to “just do it – now”.  Planning, organizing and analyzing do have their place. Do keep them in perspective so you don’t spend too much time on these, waiting for a “perfect” time to do something.  It’s important to just get started!  The beauty of this is once you start, you can get feedback, learn, correct and do it again.  Keep moving forward.

 Once you take action, the ball starts rolling, momentum is created and other things begin to happen to create success.  People start paying attention and those with similar goals and experience align with you, support and encourage you — creating more energy.  You get feedback that assists you in moving forward.  Things become more clear and less difficult. 

 People are often cautious of taking action because they fear doing it wrong, fear failure, upsetting someone, not looking good, or they just aren’t “ready”.  Unfortunately, this does not lead to a very satisfying or successful life.   Look at the word Satisfaction.  Notice the last six letters spell “action”.  In Latin, satis means “enough”.   Ultimately enough action produces satisfaction.

 If you want to be a dynamic leader with an amazing life of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment, quit waiting for perfect conditions.  JUST DO IT – NOW!!!

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