Have you ever had a project or goal that you were really committed to turning out a certain way and then it didn’t?  Did this lead to upset, disappointment and frustration?

Are you open to a more peaceful alternative?  Let’s explore a leadership strategy that will support you and your team to achieve your your goals while remaining calm and peaceful. 

 If you want to remain calm and peaceful in life, you have to have high intention and low attachment.  Be committed, not attached to your intentions.  You do all you can to create your desired outcomes and then just let it go.  Now, sometimes you may not get the intended result exactly when and how you want it. The universe may have other plans for you, maybe even better than what you had in mind.  Just keep moving in the direction of your goal until you get there.

 As leaders, it’s important to understand the distinction of being committed vs. being attached to your intentions, what you want to happen.  When you are attached you want things to be a certain way, the way you think they “should” be. When they aren’t, there is an emotional reaction; such as disappointment, suffering or upset. You often feel constrained or boxed in.  Being committed you have high intentions about your goal but you are NOT attached to it being “exactly” a certain way.  This opens things up to possibility, creativity, freedom, self expression, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and much more. 

 So when you have a project or goal that you are working on, ask, “What’s possible?” 

Have your intentions high and your attachment low.  Stay focused on the goal.  If you are too attached to your original outcome being a certain way, you may miss even bigger opportunities that spontaneously come up.  You’ve heard, “As one door closes, another one opens.”  Instead of getting upset when things don’t unfold as you anticipated, ask yourself and your team, “What’s the possibility in this?”  Explore and then choose your next steps.  As a leader, you are still in charge of your goal.  Exploring possibilities and enrolling others in them allows you to succeed and enjoy yourself while you are at it! 

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