June is gone. July is here.  Yes, it’s true, half of the year is already over!  As you approach the 2nd half of the year, are you full of energy and ready to go?  OR do you feel bogged down?  Are the files piled up on your desk and you’re not quite sure which pile to tackle first?  Is there too much clutter in your office or your home?  
When there’s too much clutter in your space, whether physical or mental space, you can’t work at your peak.
There’s too much “stuff” using your energy and taking away your focus from what’s really important. It’s like putting water in a cup with holes in it.  You keep filling it up and it keeps draining out.  So if you are feeling low on energy and overwhelmed, try this leadership tip – De-junk your life!  Start now.
I’m in the process of moving my residence and it made me realize how easy it is to have too much stuff in your space.  I realized if I cleaned out my “stuff” every 6 or 12 months, things would be a lot more organized and efficient.  As a leader, this will give you extra time and energy to lead your team and get your own work done.
Several years ago I took a National Seminars Group workshop on “How to De-Junk Your Life”.  I thought it was really great.  It covered managing your time, paper, priorities, and space (physical and mental).  Somehow, I lost the folder with all this wonderful information.  Isn’t that ironic!  Lost in my clutter!  In cleaning my files for this recent move, I found it!  In my hand written notes I found some great tips that I’m incorporating in my move. Here is a sample:
“8 Rules to Change Your Attitude about Paper”

1. My waste paper basket is my best friend.
2. I’m not a pack rat.  I’m decisive about paper.
3. Not everything must be saved!
4. What is the probability that I’ll ever need this again, seriously?
5. What can I do NOW to be certain I’ll never see this again?  Toss it or give it away.
6. When in doubt, throw it out.
7. I can’t control what I get, and I can control what I do with it.
8. Free your desk of clutter and free your mind as well.
Start a “wave” at your office.  When I went on a De-Junk campaign at my office, people were so inspired and impressed, they did the same. There was a ripple effect. The whole place looked great AND we were more productive!  
Want more energy to power you through the 2nd half of the year?  De-Junk!!


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