Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

In my last post, I wondered how many of you take time for a serious vacation. I stated that it seems to me that so many of us feel so compelled to work that taking at least a couple of weeks off isn’t something we do. If that’s true for you, I highly recommended that you get in the habit of taking at least two weeks off in the summer and another two in the winter.

Here’s a response I received: “As a vacation is most helpful to purge the stresses of work, most of us cannot take 2 week trips to Alaska or even the next state.  One – because we don’t have the vacation time, or two – because we don’t have the funds.

I do not want to diminish your comments in any way, because they were very refreshing and true.  My husband and I have a trip to Alaska on our bucket-list and it just got moved up the list!!

My thought is that you also make some comments about – when we can escape from our work and daily lives – shorter, less costly adventures that will help us reflect and restore. Because the fact is, that no matter whether it’s two weeks or two days away from the office, playing catch up with work can almost make us regret taking the time off to restore (esp. in today’s work-place with layoffs and less help).  So, the adventure needs to be worthwhile yet within our means.  Thanks for keeping it positive and faithful.”

While I would agree that any time off is worthwhile, this response makes my point, which is: far too many of us settle for less than what we want and even deserve. We make lots of excuses as to why we can’t have the things we want and when we don’t, we get to be right about whatever we decided.

I’ve written about this before. You create your life and you do that with your thoughts. For many this will seem overly simplistic (even though it’s true) but if you think you can’t take a 2 week vacation, for whatever reason, you’re right. You justify that thought by the further thought that you don’t have the time off or the funds. Once again, you’re right. There’s an old expression that says if you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you’re right.

If you want to be able to take vacations, start by making up a different story. After all, your entire life is one big story so you might as well make up a good one. Make up the story that you have all the time and all the funds you need to do whatever you want. Make up the story that you deserve to have the freedom to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. You have to understand, it’s all just a story and you made it up. If you don’t like it, change the story. Can it be that simple? Perhaps, and it often is. And stop using all the reasons you also make up to justify why you can’t have what you want. As Lois just wrote about, turns you into a victim.

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