Leadership Tool: The Boomerang

In a recent blog, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”, Scott talked about how you create your life with your thoughts.  When you choose a thought or behavior, whether you do this consciously or not, you choose the consequences.  Some examples would be:  You choose where to be, what to do, what to believe, what to say, etc.  You also choose what you say about yourself and others.

 One of the most important choices you make, especially as a leader, is how you present and define yourself to other people, and to yourself.  You have a certain look, attitude or way of being in dealing with others; your style.  This is important to pay attention to because when you engage other people in a certain way, they will usually respond in a related way.  Here’s where the leadership tool, the boomerang, comes in – You get what you give!  The manner and style you use to engage people effects how people respond to you. 

 Try this simple experiment at the office. Walk along with your head held high and a big smile on your face as you look people in the eye.  I tried this one day at a shopping mall with amazing results.  People smiled and greeted me.  I felt energetic and happy!  When someone asks how you’re doing, smile and say you are fabulous.  See what happens, not only to how you feel but in the response you get.  You get what you give. Boomerang

 This is also true with the level and type of conversations you have with others. If you stick to “Hi, how are you. Fine.  Fine.”, that’s the level of conversation you’ll get back.  Boomerang.  If you have a “deeper” conversation like, “You look upset today.  Is anything wrong?”  You may get a more genuine, engaging response.  This type of participation can benefit you as a leader, developing more meaningful conversations.

 Your attitude and approach dictates what you get back.  Boomerang.  You create the way people react to you.  Others create the reactions they get from you and the world. Boomerang.  And so it goes.  What’s your choice for the world you want to live in?  What actions will you take this week to get what you want?  Create it!  Generate it!  It will come back to you!  Boomerang. 

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