In my blog posted 9/6/12, I talked about Stepping up to the Plate, looking at what’s working and not working for you in your personal and/or professional life, AND taking responsibility for all of it.  Well, what did you discover?  What do you want to do about it between now and the end of the year?

 A common discovery for leaders who are struggling is that they don’t have clarity and focus about what they want to accomplish in their personal or business life.  Some people try to multitask in many areas, often without prioritizing.  They spin in circles with no tangible results.  Self confidence and energy are eroded. Fears and uncertainty crop up.

 Pause right now and put 30 minutes on your calendar to look at what you want to do between now and the end of the year.  What’s not working that you want to change and what do you want to do about it?  What are your intentions and goals for the balance of 2012 to make the changes you want?  Just for fun, set a timer for this 30 minute exercise so you stay focused and get those ideas out as fast as possible.  Some people take forever to do this because they think it needs to be just right.  Trust me; your key ideas will come out in 30 minutes.   Write them down.  Prioritize.  Pick one goal.  List the actions you can do to support it in the next week.  Pick one to do tomorrow.  Do it!  Check the box and go on to the next.  With clarity and focus, your certainty increases.  You gain momentum. With each action and accomplishment, you will see your sense of confidence increase.

 While thinking about how this very topic applied to my life, a weekly email from one of my fellow coaches, Mike Brenhaug, (www.WheresTheFocus.com) came across my desk.  His website, weekly emails and blog talk radio show are a great resource for all business leaders.  Listen to this particular one on clarity and focus. 


 Use clarity and focus to help you Step Up to the Plate and make the changes you want in your life.  Do the 30 minute exercise I outlined.  Email me with the one goal you plan to work on next week and one action you plan to take! Bring 2012 to a close with pride and gusto!        Lois@UnshackledLeadership.com

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