Success Strategy – Change Your Conversation

Is your life the way you want it to be?  If you’re a leader of an organization, is the organization the way you want it to be?  The answer to this question for many is “No” or “Not exactly, it could be improved.” 

At Unshackled Leadership coaching, we work with many businesses and organizations  who are doing pretty well, yet they have a desire to do even better. They want to improve their business, maybe it’s to increase their number of clients, sales, revenue, or profits.  Sometimes it’s about improving the culture, making it a better place to work, having people get along.  Often, they’re not sure what’s missing or what they really want to do or be.  They don’t have a clear vision. They need some help.

This is top of mind because today I conducted a retreat for one of my clients.  The goal was to create and align on a vision for the future of their organization.  This is so important because it helps you focus and prioritize, rather than jumping from one thing to another.  It helps you be the successful organization you want to be.

Prior to the actual creation of the vision, we talked about what it takes to be a successful organization.  In Scott Hunter’s book, Unshackled Leadership, this is defined as “enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative and happy people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to.” We work with companies to help them develop this mindset and create a vision.  As we went through our process today, it became clear much of this could be accomplished by changing ones conversation. 

People in most organizations need to change their conversations about themselves, others and the organization itself.  Do you ever stop and really listen to yourself and others?  Is there complaining, blaming, judging, or criticizing?  Do they dwell on past mistakes or history? Is there doubt, worry and uncertainty?  Do people second guess themselves or others?  Usually, when one criticizes another it’s because they also criticize themselves.  They think they’re not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough or not worthy and this spills out and spreads.  The result is that people and organizations stop growing and moving forward.

If this is happening for you or your organization, you need to change your conversation.  Start with yourself.  Take a stand for your value and greatness.  As you change your conversation and your mindset, you’ll begin to see the magnificence of others as well.  You begin to create a space in your organization for everyone else to experience his or her own greatness.  You will see a shift.  Reframe any negative or limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others or your organization.  Keep the conversations focused on what you want as an organization and all the great knowledge and talents you have to deliver on that.  It’s a win/win for all!

If you need some help changing those conversations and creating a vision for your organization, contact me or visit our website

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