How about having some faith and trusting?

I’ll bet that when you’re faced with a problem, issue, challenge or other circumstance that requires some action or decision on your part, you most often make a decision and indeed take action. There may be any number of processes you go through to make the decision, but in the final analysis you make it and move forward. So you might analyze your choices and weigh them, you might ask someone for advice, you might “sleep on it” and follow your gut or you might even put a target on the wall and throw a dart at it. Or, you might do whatever you can to avoid making the decision and do nothing. Any other choices you can think of?

The one thing that I suspect hardly any of you do is turn it over, surrender the issue and allow yourself to be guided into action. Now since I doubt that none of that makes a lot of sense, let me explain what I mean.

Let me start with a quote from Albert Einstein that I offered to you earlier in the year. What he said was: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” Think about that for a moment. First, notice that he only gave us two choices, not seven, not five, not even three. Two choices, friendly or hostile.

Second, notice what the two choices are, friendly or hostile. There are a number of implications from those choices. If the universe is friendly, then it means it’s on your side, it’s like a friend, you can count on it, it has your back, it will provide you with whatever support you need or require.

If the universe is hostile, then it means it’s an enemy, it’s out to get you, you can’t trust it, you have to watch your back, your survival is threatened, you’re not safe, fear is appropriate and you had better be worried and/or concerned.

So, assuming you’re willing to believe that the universe is friendly, then the next thing to ask is whether you’re going to pit your finite intelligence against what has to be the infinite intelligence of the universe. I trust you can see that is no contest. Logically it makes no sense to rely on your decision making capabilities when you can rely on the unlimited decision making capability of the friendly universe.

So now let’s get back to my suggestion about turning it over. For those of you who have read my book Unshackled Leadership, you know the subtitle is Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance. So let’s focus on the two words in the middle to see what I’m getting to. What I’m suggesting is that in ALL cases where you feel you have to make a decision, start with the assumption that you don’t know. How can you possibly know what would be best among the infinite number of choices there are? You must have faith that the universe is on your side and ready and willing to help.

The logical next step is to trust that you will be shown what all of your choices are and will be inspired as to what action to take. Wrap it all up and you come up with turning it over, surrendering the issue and allowing yourself to be guided into action. How that might look as a practical matter is up to you. Maybe you pray about it. Maybe you just take a deep breathe, get quiet and ask silently to yourself to be shown what to do. Maybe you just let it go and take a walk or get on to something else and wait to be guided. That is up to you but I’m sure the suggestions I’ve made will steer you toward what will work for you.

Here’s the bottom line I’m asking you to consider: in spite of how it may appear, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have the entire universe on your side, unless of course you think Einstein was wrong. Why have life be a struggle when you have such an amazing partner. For me, except when I forget, which is still all too often, I try to decide nothing. I surrender all of my issues to the universe, try to stay as peaceful and centered as I can possibly be and wait until I am inspired and/or compelled into action. I find that whenever I’m able to do this, things always turn out far better than I could have possibly imagined.

I recognize that this approach is probably dramatically different than anything you have ever done. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Start small and as you gain experience you can apply it to bigger and bigger issues. And, if you want some help, we’re always here to provide that. Try taking us up on our constant offer for an hour of free coaching on any business related topic.

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