Success Strategy: A New Perspective

In my last blog, “Turn It Over with Gusto”, I talked about how to turn over your limiting beliefs into more positive, affirming statements.  When you intentionally focus on positive empowering thoughts, they crowd out limiting beliefs and help you move forward and accelerate your goals.


Remember it takes times to create a new habit or way of thinking so keep repeating your positive affirmations daily.  If you’re feeling resistance, it could be that your mind is having trouble “believing” your positive affirmation – consciously or subconsciously.  This requires further work to change your perspective!


Here are 3 things that will help with a new perspective:


1.     Let go of the past & create a new statement for NOW:

Release or let go of the limiting beliefs you have from the past.  This can also work for limiting behaviors that result from a belief.  Create a new statement that will make it easier for your mind to let go of the limiting belief or behavior and create a new perspective on it in the present, NOW. 


To release the past, use the words, “In the past…” or “Until now….”  

For the present statement, use the words, “Now I…..” “From now on….”


“In the past, I was not very good at managing money.”

“Now, I am more aware of my spending habits and keep good records that help me manage it.”


“Until now, I was not comfortable making decisions about money.”

“From now on, I educate myself about my options and feel confident when making decisions about money.”


2.     Ask yourself empowering questions instead of disempowering questions.

Disempowering:  “Why don’t I ever have enough money?”

Empowering:  “How can I be even better at managing my money?” or

“What can I do right now to be even better at managing my money?”


3.     Choose YES or NO

You can also choose to have a new perspective on how you are with money by choosing to say “yes” or “no” to your beliefs or behaviors.



“I’m saying ‘NO’ to stress and worry over my finances.”

“I’m saying ‘YES’ to being peaceful and happy about money.”


Pick one thing you want to work on and try these tools.  Be persistent and consistent.  Repetition is important.  If you need help identifying a limiting belief and your new perspective, contact me for a free coaching session:

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