Another success strategy: ask empowering questions

A number of different sources have all brought to my attention, and so I bring it to yours, the fact that the very quality of our lives is directly a function of how effective we are in managing your inner dialogue. More specifically, the quality of our lives depends directly on the questions we ask ourselves. So why is this true?

I have heard it said that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts in a day, that 95% of those thoughts are the exact thoughts they had the day before and, to make matters worse, 80% of them are negative. And if you look further at those thoughts, very often they consist of very disempowering questions.

“Why do bad things always seem to happen to me?” “How come I never get a break?” “Why do I always seem to get stuck holding the bag?” “How come he got the promotion and not me?” “Why can’t I be as good as Joe?” I’m sure you can come up with hundreds of others. Get my point?

Why are questions like these so disempowering? Because, whether you like it or not, you are the one who creates your reality. So when you ask yourself a question like any of the above, you are creating a reality that surely doesn’t make you happy. Furthermore, the very nature of your mind is that it goes to work on your behalf looking for the answer to the questions you ask it.

So, for example, if you ask the question “how come I never get a break?”, your mind will create opportunities for you to never get a break so that you can find an answer to your question. So why would you want to do that? Obviously you don’t, but you do it anyway because mostly we’re pretty unconscious of the questions we ask ourselves and the nature of the ego is that it loves to have you ask unsolvable and disempowering questions.

As I’ve discussed previously, part of the “trick” of becoming an effective human being is to become conscious of and take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. And one of the most effective ways to do that is to start asking yourself empowering questions. So let me show you by example how you can turn the entire above list of disempowering questions into empowering ones. And I know you’ll probably say: but none of those are the truth! Doesn’t matter. Say them anyway and they will become the truth.

“Why do wonderful things always seem to happen to me?” “How come I always seem to get a great opportunity presented to me?” “Why do great things always seem to happen?” “How come it always seems like I’m in the right place at the right time?” “I wonder why I keep receiving so much admiration and appreciation?”

Again, it may seem strange to ask yourself questions that just don’t seem to be true. But consider that the ONLY reason they’re not true is that you haven’t been asking those questions!

I was in a workshop this past weekend and the instructor discussed this and posed what I thought was an amazing question. I’ve started to ask it of myself every day and to add additional ones that make me smile. Try this one on and see how it makes you feel. Then create more like it.

“How can I become even more aware of the unlimited opportunities that are available to me in my life right now?”

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