Are you feeling stalled out in your business or your career? Or, maybe, things are good and you just want to take them to the next level.  You might even be looking for new opportunities.  No matter where you are, try this win/win tool NETWORKING.  Ugh, you say, I hate networking.  Read on, you will see it differently.

Whether your business &/or career are fabulous or need improving, networking is a great tool.  Networking is an efficient way to accomplish big goals and to be successful.  In fact, the pros say to network before you “need” it. This approach often makes it more fun because there’s less pressure.

There are some great tools we often use in Unshackled Leadership coaching that you can use to make networking fun, productive and a win/win for those involved.


Manage your mindset – your internal conversation, that voice inside of you that can be empowering or disempowering.   Many people don’t want to network because they fear they’re “bothering” someone or they fear rejection.  Rejection is an issue only if you’re focusing on someone responding in a particular way.  When you approach networking as just giving or getting information, there’s no rejection.  There can be something in it for both of you!

For example, when you tell someone about your project or what type of support you’re looking for, you’re sharing information.  Be specific about what you want or need.  Get your mind on the other person, too.  Make it a win for them, too!  What can you do to help them?  What are they interested in?  When you have this mindset, it eliminates your tendency to feel you’re bothersome or being manipulative, trying to sell to them, etc.   These are all fears that take your positive energy down.  No wonder you wouldn’t want to network.  Choose to see this as an amazing opportunity for all involved!


Create your vision for what you want in the following areas:

  •        Your career, business, or job search
  •        The networking event or activity

Get clarity on your dream job, career or business. Have a specific idea as to the end result you want to achieve in networking and how this fits into your vision.  For example, you’ve determined a specific job will help you fulfill on your career vision.   Take the opportunity to talk to people in or related to that role.  Get to know them, what they know & who they know that may help you in your vision.  Seek and share information.  Win/Win.  If you schedule a meeting with someone or go to an event, have a specific intention in mind as to what you want to get out of the interaction.  Be specific about what you want or need.  Think about how you may be able to contribute to them.  Win/Win.

Cause and Effect

Understand that your thoughts create your results.  So, as you think about your vision and networking, focus on what you want (not what you don’t want) AND get excited and enthusiastic about it.  Think how great it will be to have the job or business of your dreams.  Focus on the fun, fulfillment and rewards of connecting with others.  What are you grateful for in this interaction? Have a genuine interest in the other person. Ask, “How can I help you?  What do you need?”  Focus on what’s possible for both of you in your speaking and listening.  Win/Win.

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