2013: Roadmap to Success Coaching Program - Part 2

Last week I told you about the 2013: Roadmap to Success Coaching Program I have created. I said that if you want to have 2013 be your best year ever and the year you begin to have the things you truly want, I invited you to give yourself the gift of being part of this program. This program includes monthly coaching calls and unlimited access to personal coaching via e mail directly with me, your personal success coach! You can participate from the comfort of your home or office, from any place in the world. If you miss a call, it will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.


This week, let me tell you a bit about the program. The program starts with an explanation of you as a creator of your life, your business and your experience. Most people do not understand their role in the creation process. It seems that life just happens and our job is to do the best we can to deal with the circumstances that occur. Well, I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. You are an active participant in the creation process and this will be fully explored and explained.


Assuming you’re open to the thought that you are an active participant in the creation process, the next question is: exactly how does that process work? Do our thoughts play a role? What about our feelings? What about our emotions? What about our actions? And if it’s one or more of these aspects of us, which comes first, second, third?


For most people, there is no clear answer to these questions. The result is that life is very much like riding on a train. It looks like we have lots of choices. We could go to the front of the train, or to the back, or the left side or right, we could go to the dining car or sit in our seat and enjoy the ride. But the reality is that all of these choices are options within a given set of options and no matter which one we pick, the train keeps going down the same track.


But what if there is a clear set of answers to the questions I posed above. What if you were so clear about the creation process that you could operate so powerfully and effectively within it that you could literally get out in front of the train and lay some new track, in whatever direction you wanted? Wouldn’t that be amazing?


The good news is: that is exactly what will happen in this course. Right up front, we will explain the creation process and your role in it and give you the insights and tools necessary to have 2013 be your best year ever and the year you begin to have the things you truly want. And to show you that we mean to deliver on that promise, I invite you to join me on February 20th at 8 pm eastern/5 pm pacific for a free teleseminar where we kick off the program for the year. You can register for the teleseminar on this website at http://www.unshackledleadership.com/free-teleclass-success/




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