What's Blocking Your Success??

Have you ever said, “I’ll do it tomorrow?”  Manana.  And then tomorrow comes, and you put it off again to the next day.  Manana.

Procrastination is one of the most popular ways people block their success.   It’s a self- sabotaging behavior.  It’s a habit and by nature of that, often hard to break.  Not only do we not get things done, we create anxiety and disappointment in ourselves, which can further hamper productivity and, ultimately, our success. 

Do you struggle with this?  Do you want to change?  If your answer is, “YES!” let’s take a look at what’s going on, what you can do to change this behavior and stop blocking your success.

To help you get the picture, here are some examples of procrastinating behavior:

  • Putting off difficult or menial tasks
  • Staying in a job where you’re stuck and not growing
  • Staying in a relationship that isn’t working and just hoping it will get better
  • Starting things tomorrow – your diet, exercise plan, etc
  • Not tackling addictions
  • Avoiding confrontations
  • Afraid to make changes
  • Being too “busy” so you don’t have time to do the big things

 Why do we keep putting things off?

  • You can escape unpleasant activities
  • You can feel comfortable deluding yourself that you’ll do it later
  • By waiting for things to get better, wishing for something to happen, or maybe… you think you’re not to blame for how your life is
  • You can’t be criticized, fail or succeed if you don’t do anything
  • If you’re too busy, not enough time, then you can rationalize a sloppy job

What can you do about this postponing behavior, procrastination?

  • As Nike would say, Just Do It!  Get started on something right now that you’ve been putting off.
  • Break projects into smaller tasks.
  • Make a time plan, decide to get started at a certain time and spend 15 minutes.  You can also set the time and stay on the task til it goes off. Acknowledge yourself.  Start again.
  • Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen if you do what you’re putting off.
  • Be courageous about undertaking something you’ve been putting off. One act of courage can eliminate your fear.  Don’t worry about doing it “right”, just do it.
  • Eliminate the words hope, wish and maybe from your vocabulary.
  • Utilize coaching, accountability partners, contracts, etc.

Think about this. Procrastination is substituting the now with anxiety about a future event.  If the event becomes “now”, then the anxiety of future will go away. Getting into action makes you feel better about yourself.  Give yourself this gift of NOW. Choose to take charge, be a doer and you will see your world change.  Success is there for you, NOW!

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