We're stopped by erroneous beliefs

I shared last week that as 2012 unfolded, I began to realize that the game of life is really incredibly simple. All of the separate ideas you’ve ever heard about, and ones you haven’t, really boil down to a handful of fundamental principles that you could literally write on a single piece of paper and not use the entire sheet. If that’s true, would that be great or great?

Well I’m convinced it is true. To be successful in life and business is really a simple game. The rules are clear and straight forward. Only one problem: It’s really really difficult to play the game well. The realities of life clearly indicate that maybe 3 – 5% of the population know how to play the game at its highest levels; which is why we keep hearing that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, as if there’s something wrong or bad about that. Whether you think that or not, it’s a reality of life.

Probably the biggest reason why so few play the game at its highest level is that the vast majority of people have bought into an enormous set of beliefs that are simply not true. By age 8, we all have received 25,000 hours of programming and that programming contains the beliefs that were handed down to us from our well meaning parents, grandparents, teachers, etc., who acquired their beliefs from their well meaning parents, etc. In other words, we pass beliefs down from generation to generation, whether these beliefs are true or not. And the fact that so many of these beliefs are not true is the reason that life doesn’t seem to get much better from generation to generation.

Yes, there have been incredible advances in technology and the conveniences of life, but what I’m pointing to is the reality that it has always been true that fewer than 5% of the world population can report that they are enjoying the finer things in life. It seems like it’s always been that way and it actually seems like it’s getting worse instead of better.

What’s a belief? A thought you repeat to yourself over and over again because you think it’s the truth. And people really do believe their beliefs and it’s like you need a jack hammer to dislodge people from their dearly held beliefs.

For example, one of the fundamental principles I’ve referred to is this: you have the same ability and the same power to create as anyone who has ever walked on this planet! So there. Do you believe that? In your field, do you believe that you can be as successful as anyone has ever been? It’s true. It really is. But most people don’t believe that. After all, some have opportunities others don’t. Some are lucky while others are not. Good things just seem to happen to some and you’re not one of them.

None of that is true. In my seminar, I tell lots of stories designed to convince you of this simple reality: you have the same ability in your field to be as successful as anyone who has ever walked on the planet. In your field, you could be the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Conrad Hilton or Sam Walton. I really encourage you to believe that. It will make an enormous difference in your life if you will. And, if you want a bit more convincing, I invite you to join me tomorrow, February 28th at 7 pm eastern/6 pm central/4 pm pacific for a free teleseminar. The call in number is 218-862-1300. When prompted, put in the code: 960695. See you on the call.

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