Leadership strategy: take responsibility for it all

Today was the start of the 2013: Roadmap to Success Coaching Program and it was quite an auspicious beginning. We’re going to spend the next 9 months looking at the reasons why the overwhelming percentage of people are not living the life of their dreams, in spite of the fact that every one of us has within us that potential.

One of the factors we discussed was the reality that the vast majority of people literally go through life unconscious of what’s going on around them. For most, life is just happening and our only option is to respond as best we can. We end up being like a weather vane in the wind, turning and spinning as life comes at us.

In essence, life is happening to us and our job is to acquire the skills that will prepare us to be effective in as many situations as possible. I’d even go so far as to say that most training programs are designed on that premise. Whether it’s leadership training, management training or even sales training, the focus is on building “skills” that will enable the participants to handle what comes their way.

The problem is that the premise is totally inaccurate. If you really understand how life works, life is happening from you, not to you. You are the creator of the circumstances of your life. Another way of saying this is: you are not a victim of the world you see, you are the creator of the world you see.

The real problem is that hardly anyone believes that, which is why the vast majority of people don’t feel in control of their lives and don’t feel they can steer their lives in the direction of their dreams.

So if you want to have a breakthrough in your ability to produce results, here’s our recommendation. Start looking at everything in your life as something you created. Take responsibility for all of it. Our definition of responsibility is: seeing yourself as cause in the matter of your life.

Try this exercise that I gave to the participants in our coaching program: become conscious of everything going on around you. Get curious. Something happens, wonder what that’s all about. Look from a place of responsibility. Take nothing for granted. Ask yourself what you can learn from the event. Whether you believe this is true or not is really not the point. The real point is to start taking ownership of your life and giving up feeling like a victim.

There is still room for a couple of people in our 9 month coaching program but the window of opportunity closes this week. You can get your questions answered and register at www.UnshackledLeadership.com/roadmap.


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