Do you realize you have an identity crisis?

As I continue to inquire into the facts behind the reality that so few people are living the life of their dreams, it occurs to me that fundamentally, most people have an identity crisis. What I mean by that is you don’t know who you are! When you introduce yourself to another, you give things like your name, what you do for a living, where you live, are you a mother, a father, a wife, a husband, where you work and for whom, and so on. It’s not bad that you do this, it’s just that this is who you think you are.

That’s not who you are. Those things are labels you put on yourself and roles that you play in life. I’ll say it again, that’s not who you are.

So you might be asking, how would I introduce myself if I accurately represented who I am? Well, if you weren’t afraid of sounding totally weird, and you wanted to tell the truth, you might say something like: “I’m a spiritual being who has arrived here and taken on a body so I could travel through time and space, exploring the truth of who I am and expressing my talents and abilities to manifest and produce amazing things.”

Sound really weird huh? But that’s the problem. You don’t understand that that statement, which is just one of many ways of expressing the truth, is really who you are.

There is a central creative force that created you and everything else you see. This has been debated for thousands of year. There are many ideas about what this force is but it’s pretty universally accepted by all spiritual paths and all religions that it exists. In the original version of the Old Testament, in Genesis, the literal translation of this force was “the all in all.” Eventually, most started calling the creative force “God,” but many other names still do exist.

For me, It doesn’t matter what you call it, God, the Universe, infinite intelligence, the Power – what’s important to recognize is that it exists and you are an expression of it. So as an expression of that ultimate creative force, surely you came here to be more than just some label or some title. I assert, as many others have asserted, you are here to manifest the creative power that is within you. You didn’t come here to just have a “job.” You didn’t come here to effort and struggle and wonder how you’re going to make it through the week, pay your bills and survive.

But just take a look. Isn’t that what the majority of people actually do? More than half the people in the US are unhappy at work. But they keep going to work anyway because they don’t know they deserve better.

In the 2013 Roadmap to Success Coaching Program that has just started, I gave everyone an assignment. Every morning, when you get up, ask yourself: “if I discovered that I was the child of the richest man in the Universe, that all he wanted was my happiness, and he was there to support me 100% in whatever I wanted to do, would I be doing today what I am about to do?” Why did I give that assignment, because that is the truth. And that you don’t realize that it’s the truth that has you not have a life you love!

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