Who makes your decisions?

The question on the table today is: who makes your decisions? I’m confident that your likely immediate answer is that you do. But I doubt it. In fact, it’s my experience that in the vast majority of cases, something other than you decides for you. Sometimes you let other people decide for you. Other times you let “time” decide for you, like in “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have enough time,” etc. Most times, and here’s the big one, you let money make the decision for you and you likely don’t even notice how often that’s the case.

Let’s test this out. Remember the last time you wanted to do something, go somewhere or buy something. Did you first look at whatever it was, without any consideration of the cost, and make a decision yes or no, again before you even knew what the cost would be, and then look to see what you needed to do to pay for whatever you decided? I suspect you rarely or ever do that.

What I suspect you do is look at whatever it is, then look at what it costs, and then make your decision based on whether or not you think you can afford it. And oh so often, you likely decide “no” because it costs too much, you don’t think you can afford it, it’s too “pricy” or another one of the hundreds of reasons why you don’t say “yes.” After all, isn’t that the “responsible” thing to do? Surely it makes no sense to buy something you can’t afford, or go into debt, or charge things on an already maxed out credit card.

Here’s what’s being missed. Whenever you do this, you are not in charge of your life, money is. You’re letting the ego run the show. The ego is the voice of fear and scarcity. The ego has you live in fear of poverty. The ego has you believe that there is only so much money, that what you have is all there is, and that you had better be very practical and responsible.

In last week’s issue, I asked you to ask yourself, every morning: “if I discovered that I was the child of the richest man in the Universe, that all he wanted was my happiness, and he was there to support me 100% in whatever I wanted to do, would I be doing today what I am about to do?” Now I want to add to that: “would I keep putting off doing what I want to do, going where I want to go, and buying what I want to buy?” Again, I’m not suggesting that you be irresponsible. What I am asking you to do is to wake up to the truth of who you are and what’s running your life.

You have to decide which voice you’re going to listen to: the one I’m representing here or the voice of your ego. That decision will dictate the quality of your life, which I gather isn’t all that great for far too many people.

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