Leadership Tip - Blinders Off!

Have you ever been in a meeting or a conversation with someone who was ready to die on a sword to prove they were right?  No matter what anyone said, they stuck to their point, insisting they were right?  Actually, to delve a little deeper, have you ever done this yourself? 

Being right is the greatest human passion.  The ego loves it when we’re willing to do anything to be right.  This shows up in personal relationships, in work relationships and even globally. The problem with “being right” is that we have to have made others “wrong” so we be right. 

Last week I talked about the 10 elements, spelled out in Unshackled Leadership, that must be included to have a true partnership relationship in business.  One of those was “No Righteousness”.  If you’re making others wrong so you can be right, this destroys relationships.  There is no partnership. Teamwork goes down the drain.  Productivity goes down. This shows up on teams as fighting, pettiness, lack of enthusiasm, reduced productivity and sometimes, even sabotage.  And the saddest thing of all is that the person who wants to be right is not happy. Being right and being happy cannot coexist.  Would you rather be right or happy? 

As a leader, you need to take your blinders off to see what’s really going on.  True partnership relationships operate in a distinct way.  Team members are willing to give up their positions, their opinions, their firm beliefs and their need to be right in order to reach consensus and see what works best for the whole, the greater good.  Teams with true partnership relationships take their blinders off, see others opinions and listen considering every point of view.  People attempt to reach consensus, leaving nobody out, win/win.  People in partnerships are more committed to the company’s success than to their own position.  When teams operate this way, they are happy and productive.  The results are reflected in the success of the company.

Go to our website, www.UnshackledLeaderhip.com for more great leadership tips.  Take your blinders off and see what new ideas and resources you can find to take your team to the next level.


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