You were programmed for greatness!

In my post two weeks ago, I asserted that a fundamental problem with the vast majority of people is that they have an identity problem. I further said that you have labels you apply to yourself and roles you play in life, and that is all fine, but that’s who you think you are. That is not who you are. Consider the following additional thoughts:

A sperm and an egg come together and almost miraculously, what emerges 9 months later is a baby. The reason is simple: an embryo is programmed for success. A tiny acorn is programmed to be a tree. A caterpillar is programmed to be a butterfly. Everything in nature is programmed for greatness and to thrive.

Do you really think that’s not true about you? You were programmed to thrive. You have greatness in you, just like everyone else. You have to understand that and likely don’t. You didn’t come here to “earn a living,” have a job, get a paycheck and survive. You didn’t come here to start a company and go home frustrated every night because things are not working out the way you hoped. What would be the point of that? But that’s exactly what the vast majority do.

One reason is that your parents likely didn’t want you to be great – they wanted you to be safe. They told you things like: fit in, don’t make waves, get along, follow the rules, do what you’re told.

Then you went to school. They put you in a box (called a room), treated you like everyone else, told you to follow the rules, do what you’re told and learn to read, write and do arithmetic. Seriously, did anyone tell you you were unique and destined for greatness?

I hope this strikes a chord with you. I hope this gets under your skin and wakes something up inside of you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or what you’re doing now. The greatness in you is still there and bubbling just below the surface. There is something calling you to be and do. You have unique talents and abilities that if you spent your days expressing fully, would bring you joy. And the odds are that those same talents and abilities, when expressed joyfully, would also contribute to others and the planet.

Think about how great that would be: you spending your life doing what brings you joy for the benefit of you, others and the planet. That’s what we call a win/win/win game. If you’re not playing the game of life that way, you’re truly missing something. You can start this journey either by reading Unshackled Leadership or listening to an audio program entitled Living a Life You Love. Both are available at

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