Leadership Strategy: BE HAPPY!

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re happy!  Do you ever feel happy for no reason? 


Recently, I attended a conference where a featured speaker was Marci Shirmoff, the author of Happy For No Reason, 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out.  She had so much great information to share.  We all left feeling happy!


I was reminded of the power of laughter and smiling.  These two things can quickly give you a “10” on the happiness scale.   Take a moment right now and put a big smile on your face.  If you’re near a mirror, look at your smiling face.  Don’t you feel great!  Now, start laughing and see what happens.  Smile at others and laugh with others and you will get an even bigger boost of happiness.  Try it!


“Laughter is the best medicine!”  There have been many studies that show the benefits of laughter, physically, mentally and socially.  It can boost your immunity, lower stress hormones, decrease pain, relax your muscles and prevent heart disease.  Who knew?!

An inexpensive way to keep yourself healthy!


As a leader, let’s focus on how laughter can benefit you and your team.  It enhances teamwork, strengthens relationships, attracts us to others, promotes group bonding and helps defuse conflict.  Laughter improves your mood, adds joy to your life, reduces anxiety and fear, and increases resilience.  It can keep you positive and optimistic, even during difficult times. 


Laughter is contagious so use it as a tool with your teams.  You can start your meetings with a joke or a funny video or cartoon.  Of course, all of this is done tastefully.  Laugh at yourself or situations to help lighten up.  Surround yourself with people and things to help you smile and laugh; such as, a fun screen saver, a toy on your test, or a photo of a loved one smiling at you.  Incorporate laughter, fun and playfulness in your brainstorming sessions and see creativity soar and ideas blossom.  Pay attention to children and emulate them.  They are experts on laughing, playing, and talking life lightly. 


Run your own experiment this week.  Be intentional about being happy.  Smile at yourself and others.  Laugh and have fun.  Be happy for no reason!  Then see what kind of a week you and your team have.


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