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Several months ago, I wrote the following:

Do you remember the last time you got a new car? I’m sure it came with an owner’s manual and you spent some time reviewing it so you could understand its operation. Same with the last computer you got, or the last phone, or even the last vacuum cleaner.  Everything even slightly complicated comes with an owner’s manual.

But what’s the most complicated thing we all receive that doesn’t come with any kind of owner’s manual? You guessed it, a life! And how to apply what’s there to business! When you arrived, or any time thereafter, did anyone give you a manual explaining how life works? I’m sure not. So is it any wonder that the vast majority of people thrash around trying to have their life and their business be the way they want them to be with little or no success? It’s like we’re driving our car down the road with our hands on the rear view mirror! Is it any wonder we keep hitting the wall?


Here’s the good news. There is an owner’s manual for your life, and for your business… and it’s really not all that complicated. There are only a handful of principles that if you understand and implement you can indeed steer your life and your business in the direction of your dreams and eliminate permanently the frustration that comes with not having that happen.

Do you want a better job or a job at all?
What about a relationship? More money?
Greater peace of mind? Happiness & joy?
Improved health and overall well being?
More customers? More sales? More profit?
Improved teamwork? More overall success?

You can have all of these things! The first step is to just understand the principles. The next step is to implement them… The real challenge is implementing the principles correctly. That’s why I created the 2013: Roadmap to Success Program.

When I wrote this before, it was to invite you to participate in a yearlong coaching program with monthly telephone calls and coaching via e mail. This time I have something exciting new to share with you. I have filmed a video of the entire program which you will be able to purchase and watch in the comfort of your home or office. All the information about the video and how you can get your copy will be sent to you in the next week or two. So stay tuned, as I promise you will be as excited as I am when you see what we have created.

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