What's In the Way of Your Success?

Is there something you want to achieve in your life or your business that’s just not happening?  Are you having trouble achieving the success and happiness you desire?  Are you scratching your head wondering what’s going on, why it’s not coming together?


In this situation, what often occurs is that there is something going on at a subconscious level.  It’s not at your level of consciousness which is why it’s not so obvious to you.  The subconscious mind is very good at holding self-sabotaging or limiting beliefs that influence your behavior.  These “negative” beliefs make it harder for you to achieve what you want, while more “positive” or empowering beliefs help you achieve the things you want in life. 


The challenge is that the subconscious is an automatic machine that responds to beliefs and thoughts that have been entered into it.  The first 5-8 years of your life are very influential in shaping your subconscious programming.  Beliefs you acquire as a child tend to be graded as important by your subconscious.  Your parents, other significant adults, culture, and religion play a key role in your beliefs. 


Limiting beliefs can also be influenced by:

Past:  anger, disappointments, resentments, guilt, etc.

Future: worry, fear, doubts, etc.

Present:  current situations, other’s opinions, your stories, your ego, etc.


Common areas where people tend to self sabotage are in relationships, money, health, and career success.  Self sabotage is a way we describe things we do or say to ruin or prevent success or happiness that we experience or are about to experience.  Our subconscious doesn’t believe we are worthy of it, based on our programming.


The good news is that you have the power to change this.  While this may not be easy, it is indeed possible.  The first step is awareness.  As conscious thinking beings we have the power to change, shift our beliefs from those that may be limiting to those that are liberating and expansive.


Start questioning your beliefs.  If you are not seeing the results or success you want in a certain area of your life, write down the beliefs you have about this area.  Then ask yourself if these are realistic or unrealistic.  What are you saying to yourself about yourself?  Is this true? 


What would be a more empowering way to state your belief?  For example, you may believe you never have enough money because you are not good at managing money.  Some more empowering beliefs could be “I manage my finances responsibly.”  “I’m good at saving money.” “I always have everything I need to do everything I want to do.” “I’m worthy of a life of abundance.”


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