Creating a Winning Company Culture

What do people like best about where they work?  What makes them excited to go to work and love working there? 


Recently, I came across an article on “The Best Companies to Work for in ….”  They received these awards by nomination of employees in the community.


When asked what has contributed to them being on the top company list multiple years, a company president said they don’t allow any negativity.  If it crops up, it’s addressed immediately, focusing on innovative ideas.  They also make a point to see what motivates each person (intrinsically and extrinsically) and set up their work related activities around that. 


Here are some other things that contributed to these winning cultures:

  • Focus on relationships and good communication
  • A caring, supportive culture
  • Keeping employees informed of the WHY the company exists, clear mission, vision, & values; focus and direction; commitment to a common cause
  • Employee recognition
  • Employee Appreciation Days
  • Community involvement and social responsibility
  • Focus on work life balance – flex hours, summer/holiday hours
  • Perks, such as; gyms, trainers, nutritious foods, catered lunches, concierge service
  • Competitive compensation plans
  • Health and retirement plans
  • Personal development programs, training, education reimbursement , mentoring
  • Events and atmosphere to promote cooperation and fun


Having worked for a company who was awarded the honor of one of the best places to work, I know it didn’t just happen.  Creating a winning culture was intentional and took time and persistence to create.  Leaders were committed.  Employees were enrolled and engaged in the process.  It took open, honest communication to evolve.


What’s important to you at your place of work? What can you do to contribute to a winning company culture?  Share your thoughts by commenting on this blog or send me an email.

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