Creating money and wealth

I’m about to do a teleclass about money, mostly about why most have less than they want and a few have so much. Here’s the essence of what the class will be about:

Any conversation about money or wealth must start with the basics as I have discussed here many times: you have the same power to create as anyone else, and this applies to the area of money and wealth. You have the same power as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet, they just know how to use that power and perhaps you don’t.

We’ve also discussed here many times the nature of the creative process. We all awake every day into the same field of infinite possibilities and just like the farmer plants corn seeds and waters the soil to get corn, you plant seeds with your thoughts and water the thoughts with your emotions.

So the bottom line is that you can create any amount of wealth you want and, in fact, what you have now is exactly what you are creating. Your thoughts create your experience 100% of the time and what you are presently seeing is the results of your past thoughts about money and wealth. The problem is that hardly anybody understands this. People think they go to work and create money with what they do. That’s pure nonsense. Money and wealth work just like everything else – they are a reflection only of your thoughts and emotions; which is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

So why isn’t everyone rich? Because most thoughts about money are negative, as are most emotions. You can’t believe the almost endless list of beliefs people have about money: money is the root of all evil; getting rich takes a lot of work and struggle; money doesn’t grow on trees; money isn’t really that important; rich people usually aren’t happy; it takes money to make money; and on and on. We have a list of 66 beliefs like those and they’re not all of them.

The point is that none of those statements are “the truth.” They could be true but they could just as easily not be true. More importantly, rich people don’t believe them, that’s why they’re rich. But the vast majority of people do believe them and those beliefs are like a valve at the end of a pipe, shutting down the natural abundant flow of the universe.

And not only do we have negative beliefs about money, we have negative emotions about it too. We feel resentful that other people have money and we don’t. We get angry when we can’t have what we want. We get frustrated when things don’t go our way. All of these negative emotions kill off any possibility of money flowing easily to us.

So, the only way to increase the flow of money and wealth into your life and your company is to flush out your limiting beliefs about money and replace them with expansive beliefs and to exchange your negative emotions with positive ones. For most people, this is a lot easier said then done. But if you’re tired of not having what you want, we do have a number of programs to support you in moving forward. Take advantage of the free hour of coaching we continuously offer or send me an email at and schedule a time to chat.

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