Choose what you believe

In last week’s post, I invited you to think of yourself and your people in the following way: When you were created by your creator, just like the rest of us, you were designed to work, and work wonderfully. You, like everyone else, were given all of the necessary components that a human being requires and those components came already programmed to perform any number of useful tasks. Just like the acorn is programmed to become an oak tree and a caterpillar is programmed to become a butterfly, you were programmed to be born and thrive. Whether you realize that or not, it’s the truth.

But you’re infected with a virus, as is everyone else. In this case, the virus has one name – the ego. And when that virus takes over, which it does pretty regularly, there’s no way to predict the mischief it will create. And it creates incredible mischief.

To create for yourself some freedom from the virus, it’s first necessary to understand the nature and source of it. The virus embodies an enormous number of beliefs, the vast majority of which are negative and disempowering. It is said that the average human being has 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them are the same thoughts they had yesterday, and 80% are negative. Again, the source of all of that is the virus.

But there is a ray of hope in all of that bad news. That is the fact that the belief at the heart of all the other negative beliefs is the belief that we are separate from our creator. That single belief, that we are separate from our creator, has us also feel separate from all other people which, if you stop for a moment to think about it, would make you feel frightened and alone. And, indeed, that’s mostly how we feel. Stated simply, the virus is our belief that we are separate and alone in a hostile universe.

Now go back and read the first paragraph of this post. Can you see that the belief at the heart of the virus is diametrically opposed to the statement I started with? If you do, you have access to the ray of hope I alluded to. You have to choose which of the two beliefs you’re going to adopt. One or the other; nothing in between. What makes this tricky is that if you don’t choose to believe you were created by and are one with your creator, you get the other belief by default. Don’t ask me why it is this way, it just is.

So here’s your challenge moving forward from here. You must consciously and intentionally choose to believe that you were created whole, perfect and complete and perfectly programmed to produce amazing results or you will get just the opposite statement by default. Very few people, likely less than 5% of the people on the planet, make that choice. The question for you is: will you be one of them?

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