Do you believe you need to settle?

In my last two posts, I invited you to think of yourself and your people just like you would think of a perfectly designed and functioning computer which is designed to work, and work wonderfully. Just like the acorn is programmed to become an oak tree and a caterpillar is programmed to become a butterfly, you were programmed to be born and thrive. Whether you realize that or not, it’s the truth.

But you’re infected with a virus, as is everyone else. In this case, the virus has one name – the ego. And when that virus takes over, which it does pretty regularly, there’s no way to predict the mischief it will create. And it creates incredible mischief.

One of the characteristics of the ego is that it incorporates a great number of beliefs, most of which are negative and disempowering. To make matters worse, they’re not even true. What’s a belief? A thought you repeat to yourself over and over again, because you think it is the truth. Beliefs are powerful because you act on them. So can you imagine how much mischief is created by acting on beliefs thinking they are true when they are not?

Let me give you an example we discussed in our last 2013, Your Best Year Ever coaching call. Here’s what I believe: There is NEVER a need to suffer, settle, sacrifice or compromise! Take a look at the evidence: does a bud do that; does an acorn do that; does an embryo do that? Nothing in nature NEEDS to suffer, settle, sacrifice or compromise.

Only human beings do that and I’d be willing to bet that you actually do believe that there are times when you have to suffer, settle, sacrifice and/or compromise. Just look at some of the things we’ve been told: money doesn’t grow on trees, it takes money to make money, some people are just luckier than others, God watches out for those who watch out for themselves, no pain no gain, etc.

One of the main reasons why so many people are unhappy is because they believe they have to or are obligated to suffer, settle, sacrifice and/or compromise and yet I have never met a human being who liked doing any of that. And it’s that virus that tells you that you have to, so you do.

You can probably present a fairly effective argument that what I’m asserting is not “the truth.” But the fact is it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you believe. So I’m going to recommend that you take on the belief that there is NEVER a need to suffer, settle, sacrifice or compromise and see where that takes you. You will likely run into a lot of resistance from the virus’s around you who love to see you do just the opposite. But if you’re strong enough to resist, and keep standing for the belief I am proposing, I promise you that within a short period of time, you will feel far more in control of your destiny and a lot happier.

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