Leadership Strategy – Influencing Teams

Have you ever been on a team where people don’t get along and not much gets done? People begin to wonder, “Why bother?”  Morale and results go down, down, down.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often.  


Successful companies have teams of enthusiastic, optimistic, appreciative and happy people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to.


When leading teams, what can you do to have a team that is motivated, happy, appreciative and productive?  


Here are some coaching tips for influencing teams:


Have a common vision.  We’ve talked before about the importance of a clearly articulated company vision.  It’s also important that each “team” have a common vision around what the team is to accomplish.  As a leader, get clarity on the front end what’s wanted on the back end. Help the team say focused on the big picture and how their “parts” fit in.


Create a team culture of “WE”. While individuals often do the “work”, it’s important for the team to think as a “WE” as team member and as part of the company, vs. everyone out for themselves.  Encourage the team to think and brainstorm possibilities for win/win solutions for team, company and clients.


Be clear and specific in your communications.  Get to the point, give headlines or key points and sub points, vs long convoluted stories. Stay focused.


Listen, really listen to others.


Be aware and flexible.  Vary your influence style to meet the needs of others or fit the situation.  Know your audience.  Look for points of agreement.


Be assertive, vs aggressive.  Strong leaders often need to take a stand and/or say things that are difficult to deliver or for others to hear.  Being assertive combines clear and direct communication with unconditional positive regard and concern for others.  Aggressive people speak up but without concern for others.  This limits team input and influence.  Where appropriate, be inclusive of others opinions.


Smile and have fun!  It’s contagious.

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