Success Strategy: The Gift of Accountability

Do you have a “To Do” list that contains some things that never get checked off?

I’m sure we’ve all been there, done that!  What’s the true impact of this?


One of the classes I took for my coach training referred to these things as “tolerations”.  These are things that people don’t deal with and they just keep “hanging” around in your life, mostly taking up space in your head.  You’re “tolerating” them and not doing anything about them.  They are a form of “clutter”.  This can be in the form of physical clutter, such as, the clothes you never mended, the files you’ve never filed, or the book you never finished, the fence in need of repair, etc.  They can also be mental clutter, such as, not doing something because you are fearful, the person you’ve never forgiven,the diet you started and went off course, the conversation you’ve been putting off, the new career you want to pursue but aren’t doing what you need to do about it, etc. Sometimes, physical and mental clutter gets intertwined into quite complex tolerations! 


Tolerations zap your energy!  Having tolerations are like trying to fill a cup full of holes with water.  You keep putting water (your energy) in and it just goes right out the holes, so you’re never full.  When you start “plugging the holes” by addressing these tolerations or being accountable for what you say you’ll do, you’ll begin to notice you have more “energy”.  You actually start being more motivated and productive vs. spinning your wheels with tolerations.  You also become “proud” of yourself which increases your self confidence. 


Give yourself the Gift of Accountability.  Make a list of things you’re tolerating.  Each day, select one thing and do it.  If it can’t be completed in one day, you have at least begun.  Beginning is half done!  Continue.  Step back and give yourself a pat on the back.  Sometimes it helps to have an accountability partner or a coach.  If you want some expert help with accountability, give yourself the gift of accountability and contact me at  We can brainstorm what’s possible to keep you moving forward and have the success you want! 

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