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If you really really want to be happy, here’s more on forgiveness

In a recent post, I said that if you want to have a really amazing life, forgive yourself and everyone else in your life for everything. Why?: Because an unwillingness to forgive often doesn’t hurt the person we refuse to forgive at all, but it always hurts us. As long as we don’t forgive, we are bound... Read More ➝

Are you clear about your intentions?

One of my all time favorite authors is Deepak Chopra. I have participated in weekend seminars with him and have gone to numerous events to hear him speak. He has written over 30 books and the man is absolutely brilliant. I especially like that what he teaches is totally consistent with the Unshackled Leadership philosophy and for... Read More ➝

Some final thoughts on the road to success

In many of the recent posts, I said I was going to share with you the essence of what The Roadmap to Success program teaches and I have done that. And please be clear that there’s a difference between “the essence” and the whole story. If you find the essence of interest, you can access the whole... Read More ➝

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