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If you want to be happy, choose the light

After looking at this phenomenon called being alive for well over 30 years, I have concluded that what people want more than anything is to just be happy. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Being consistently happy is a good objective. So what’s in the way of our experiencing happiness, and I ask that... Read More ➝

Do you realize your greatest company asset goes home at night?

This week I want to write specifically to those of you that have leadership and/or management positions in your organization. And if you’re reading this and that’s not the case for you, read on anyway as I promise you’ll get value for yourself anyway. Or, you might know someone in a leadership or management position that... Read More ➝

The pathway out of boredom, unhappiness and depression

I continue to be saddened and somewhat appalled by the degree of unhappiness that exists in the major countries of the world. With a billion people not having access to clean water every day and living on $1 a day and another billion living on $2.50 a day, with the fighting in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan,... Read More ➝

How to have truly remarkable and amazing relationships

In last week’s post, I made the observation that we have a “story” about almost everyone in our life. In other words, we don’t just observe other people and stay completely neutral about who they are, we make up, not necessarily realizing that we do it, a “story” about who they are. And here’s the worst part about this:... Read More ➝

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