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Here’s something that may be holding you back

You hardly ever talk to anyone who doesn’t want to produce more or better results in their work life. Yet, in spite of this almost universal desire to improve, the vast majority of people don’t. If you fall into this category, here are some insights that might help you move forward.

First of all, you must understand that... Read More ➝

Always look to see how to make things better

In case you have not looked at our website recently, right up in the header, in addition to our logo, is the statement “making things better.” This came about as a result of a retreat we did a few months back with a branding consultant to see if we could get to the heart of the matter of how... Read More ➝

Learn to take responsibility for what you allow into your mind

I’ve written extensively about how each of us is responsible for our own experiences. If you haven’t as of yet figured out that you are the source of your experience, it’s really time for you to jump on board. While we often like to think that outside forces are determining our experiences, at least to some degree,... Read More ➝

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