Your job is the what and not the how

In this action oriented world we live in, the hardest thing to convince our clients of is the fact that your job is the “what” and not the “how.” This seems to go against everything we’ve been told. In fact, there are many speakers and authors that tell us that the key to success is taking massive action. The problem is, it’s not true

Your job is the what and not the how. Here’s what that means. If you run an organization, or if you’re simply an individual who wants to be more successful, your job is to create a picture of where you want to be in the future. We recommend you start with sometime in the far future, but that’s up to you. You should start at least 5 years in the future, preferably at least 10. That is the what.

Then, you can work your way back to the next year or two or three, and see how much of that picture you want to accomplish by then. The next step is to stand in the future, look from there, and see what shows up for you to do to move in the direction from where you are to where you’ve decided you want to be. But exactly “how” it’s going to occur is not up to you. You can’t possibly figure out the infinite number of possible ways the future is going to happen. That’s the job of the universe. The how is not up to you.

Very simply, here’s how this works. Everything in the universe is energy. That being said, the most powerful law is the law of attraction. When you stand in the future you want to create, you create an energy that will attract to you everything you will need for that future to become a reality. Just take the actions that are peaceful and compelling, have this be easy, and keep telling yourself: my job is the what and not the how.

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