To have a Peaceful future, choose to be peaceful

If you read my last blog post, let me give you some practical examples of how to put into effect my assertion that: your job is the what and not the how.

You recall that I said that everything is energy and because of that reality, the most powerful law in the universe is the law of attraction, which means that you will always attract to you that which is consistent with the energy you are or your company is. When you stand in the future, that creates a particular energy which will attract that future to you. But there is more to it than that because one of the most critical factor in activating the law of attraction is your emotions.

For me, my goal every day is to be at peace. I can’t think of a more desirable emotion. When I’m successful, I’m always stunned as to what that attracts: things that make me smile and bring me peace. Take today for example. I decided to go to lunch to my favorite restaurant and hopped in my car with a commitment to having the whole experience be peaceful. First, there was not a single car on the one way street I have to drive down when I leave my house. Second, every single traffic light was either green or turned green as I approached the intersection. When I arrived at my destination, there was a parking space right at the front door.

After my great lunch, I decided to stop at the car wash on the way back to the office. By now, the smile on my fact was as big as you can imagine. Once again, every traffic light on the way to the car wash was green and there was no one in front of me at the car wash. When I went to pay, the cashier offered me a discount of $2 on my wash, over and above the $2 I get as a senior citizen.

Now you might think these are silly examples, but I assure you they’re not. Be happy and you’ll attract to you circumstances to support you in being happy. Choose to be peaceful and you’ll attract to you circumstances to support you in being peaceful. Come from abundance in all the decisions you make and you’ll attract to you circumstances to support you in living in abundance.

The trouble is that most people do the opposite. They’re not happy, peaceful or coming from abundance. Most people are frustrated, irritated, annoyed, even angry, and they look at things from a place of scarcity. Is it any wonder that every day produces circumstances to support them in not getting what they want. You are the sole creator of your future. Stand in an exciting future with a happy, peaceful, abundant smile on your face and watch it all unfold beautifully. 

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