An enlightened approach to marketing and sales

One of the changes that would make such a difference in shifting our world from a fear/scarcity culture to a love/abundance culture would be a transformation of the way we view marketing and sales. Right now, in what I assure you is indeed a fear/scarcity culture, marketing is all about trying to convince people to buy things whether they need them or not and sales is about getting the buyer to say yes, again whether it’s in their best interests or not.

I’ve been to so many sales seminars where the entire focus is on presenting the product or service in the most irresistible way and where people are taught how to deal with objections and close the sale. What is completely missing in this whole arena is how manipulative the entire process is.

Now is it universally this way? Surely not. There are many people who look at the entire marketing and sales process as I am about to describe it. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

In the final analysis, since everything in the Universe is energy, what a sale really consists of is an exchange of energy. Yes, it looks like one person delivers goods or services and the other person delivers money, but those are just forms of energy. Thinking about it this way gets you out of the whole realm of benefits, value, price, whatever. Keep things simple. I deliver some form of energy to you in exchange for receiving some form of energy back.

Here’s the point: it needs to be an even exchange. You get what you want and I receive what I want and we both leave the transaction fulfilled and satisfied. I don’t feel like I received less than what I wanted and you feel the same way. I don’t feel like I received something I didn’t really want and you don’t feel like you manipulated me to make that happen.

This is the way life was meant to work. Except, in the fear/scarcity based world we live in, we too often forget. Buyers feel manipulated and sellers feel they have to make the sale to survive. Either way, it’s self perpetuating. So how you choose to play the game is the way the game will always turn out. Now choose.

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