Learn to ask empowering questions

I just returned from a five day retreat with an amazing woman named Niurka where we were plunged into the world of NLP. What fascinated me most about what we studied was how consistent the practices of NLP are with the Unshackled Leadership philosophy. In many cases, however, the conversations we had gave me an even deeper appreciation of why our philosophy is so powerful and effective.

For example, it is fundamental to the UL philosophy that we create our reality with our beliefs, thoughts and words. You have heard me say many times that there is no such thing as a neutral thought. Every thought gets planted in the fertile soil of the quantum field and will eventually manifest. And, of course, our thoughts live in language. So our philosophy encourages you to watch your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth. My personal daily instruction is: if what I am about to say is not kind, compassionate and loving, don’t say it!

Here’s what Niurka added to my understanding: The quality of your life mirrors the quality of the questions you ask. Unfortunately, most people ask really disempowering questions. Questions like: how come I never get a break?, why does this always happen to me?, how come I didn’t get the promotion I wanted?, how come I’m not as … as him or her?

The greatest minds of our time have enriched our world by asking imaginative questions. Questions open portals to previously unimagined realms. Einstein came to his theories of relativity by contemplating, what would happen if I rode a beam of light?

Questions direct focus. They determine what you perceive, attract and materialize in a universe of infinite possibilities. So you want to ask empowering questions which inspire action toward a clear, desirable aim.

Empowering questions are stated in the affirmative, begin with what, how or who, and create momentum with words like right now, while, and even more. With this inspiration, here are some of the questions I wrote for myself to live in daily:

How can I be even more aware of the limitless possibilities available to me right now?

How can I create even greater rapport with my audiences the moment I walk onto the platform?

How can I attract fabulous, loving, committed, talented people to my company right now?

How can I be even more aware of ways to bring my gifts into the world in a way that truly contributes to others and creates significant income to my company and myself?

Can you see the power in those questions? They presuppose I’m already doing all of those things and at the same time has me look for more and greater levels of what I already have and want. I encourage you to sit down and write yourself empowering questions for your life and your business and see the impact it has on you. I’ll be sharing with you more about the work of my new friend Niurka in coming months. 

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