If you don't choose love, you get fear by default

It’s been an exciting 7 days. Last week I gave a talk to about 300 people at the annual convention of the International Association of Drilling Contractors in New Orleans, LA and this week I gave a talk to about 16 business owners at a Vistage chief executives meeting. In both cases, the response was extremely positive. I believe it’s because people are becoming really thirsty for information that’s not more of the same and leads them in the direction of making significant and meaningful changes in their lives.

Here’s the heart of what I shared: While there are many ways to look at life as we know it, here’s a very simple, but effective way. We can say that for all practical purposes, we are living in the presence of two completely different, actually opposite universes. These two universes, which represent two fundamentally different ways of being a human being, are always present and always available. In their essence, they are the worlds of love and fear. The former is the one you arrived here with, the other was a learned behavior.

Here’s what the universe of love looks like: joy, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, optimism, faith, trust, confidence, and a belief in abundance.

Here’s what the universe of fear looks like: worry, concern, frustration, anger, resentment, disappointment, depression, blaming, accusing and a belief in scarcity.

Take a moment and see which of those descriptions you relate to the most. If you want to know why the world is the way it is, why 1/3rd of the country is on anti-depressants, and why 7 out of 10 American workers are “checked out” or “actively disengaged,” the simple answer is that the default universe is the one of fear. In fact, and here’s the key, if you don’t choose love, you get fear by default.

This is something the vast majority of people do not understand. They allow themselves to live in the universe of fear, which is the world of the ego, not realizing that they must affirmatively take positive steps to switch to the universe of love. But when presented with this reality, it gives people hope that they can indeed be happy. That’s what my attendees said and I hope this short piece does the same for you.

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