This too shall pass

I just went through what surely could have been a very stressful experience. To some small degree it was, but only to a small degree. I want to share it with you for two reasons. First, you will hopefully understand why this experience could have been so stressful. But more importantly, it will allow me to make an important point that I assert can make a huge difference in your life.

It all started about two months ago when my realtor found the house I have been dreaming about for several years. I immediately made an offer which was accepted. I didn’t make the offer contingent on the sale of my existing home because (1) I didn’t think I had to and (2) I didn’t think the seller would accept my offer if it was contingent.

About two weeks later, a series of circumstances we did not anticipate made it abundantly clear that we could not go through with the purchase unless I sold my existing home. This was potential stress point #1. So we launched into a full court press to sell my home. After several weeks of open houses, ads, and other efforts, no buyer showed up for my home. Having been made aware of this reality, the seller of my new home threatened to cancel the sale and put his house back on the market. Potential stress point #2.

Finally, a qualified buyer showed up, but he was unwilling to pay my price. Back and forth and back and forth we went until a price was agreed upon. Potential stress point #3. While it looked like he was well qualified and we could proceed quickly with the sale, it turned out that he had an unknown problem with his credit which would have to be resolved for him to get a decent loan rate. Getting this handled literally dragged on for weeks as my seller became more anxious and made more threats. Plus, the loan I had qualified for and gotten approval for, now expired, leaving me having to reapply. Potential stress point #4.

Meanwhile, all of this was supposed to be resolved before Christmas, but it wasn’t. And, while we knew that we had to do a lot of work in the new home before we could move it, our seller refused to let us do any of it until the sale was complete because by this point, he had lost all faith in our buyer. (Can you begin to see how crazy this was becoming?)

I’m happy to say that all sales went through and all escrows closed two days after Christmas, Friday, December 27th. But now we knew that with the weekend coming up and New Years day the next week, the time was limited to get the work done on the new home before we moved in. We had negotiated not having to move for 10 days after the sale was complete but it actually took 13. We kept on our contractor to get the work done so we could move last Thursday. Potential stress point #10 by now.

Now we had to pack and for those of you that have lived in a house for 10+ years, you know how much “stuff” you accumulate and packing took days and days, even with the help of many of our friends who came over for our packing parties. So the day finally came, the movers showed up and over the next 9 hours, our house was unloaded and our belongings delivered to our new home. Potential stress point #11.

We expected the work on the new house to be done, but of course it wasn’t and so now 5 days later, there are still workmen here almost every day, we still can’t get into our master bathroom and we are still slowly, very slowly, unpacking everything and getting settled. I’m hoping it will all be done by the end of next weekend.

With that long and really edited story, here’s the point of it all. I made a decision, the moment stress point #1 reared its ugly head, that I would absolutely not allow any of the events that would occur to rob me of my peace. Why? Because all too often, we have little or no control of the circumstances of life and if you allow those circumstances to rob you of your peace, you will frequently become an unhappy person. And it’s just not worth it.

I learned a mighty and powerful expression in a seminar I did many years ago and here it is: “This too shall pass!” And before very long, we will be happily settled in our beautiful new home and will have long forgotten all of the trials and tribulations that it took to get us here. So what would have been accomplished if I had allowed those circumstances to rob me of my peace? NOTHING! NO THING! NADA!

So I encourage you, whatever is going on in your life that you would have be different, don’t let it rob you of your peace and keep remembering to say: This too shall pass! 

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