The creation process has three components

In the last week’s posts, I said I was going to share with you the essence of what The Roadmap to Success program teaches. And please be clear that there’s a difference between “the essence” and the whole story. If you find the essence of interest, you can access the whole story at

If you can successfully make it through the single most important statement you would find in the owner’s manual that you should have gotten when you arrived here: You were born with the exact same power to create as anyone else, we’re ready to explore the creation process.

I like to use an analogy to have you understand how simple the creation process is. Let’s say you’re a farmer and want to grow corn. If you really look at what you need, you discover quite quickly that you only need three things. The first is fertile soil, in a good climate, one hospitable to growing vegetables. The second is corn seeds and all you need to do is to plant the seeds in the fertile soil. The third component is water.

Are you clear that with those three components, you’re going to get corn? If you’re a farmer, you’re not going to get up in the middle of the night wondering if you’re going to get your crop. Follow the rules and the results are assured. As you awake each day, you’re clear you’re not going to find a field of watermelons. It just doesn’t work that way. Plant corn seeds in the fertile soil, water the soil and you’re assured to get corn.

For you and I, the process is the same, just different components. For you and I, we awake every day into the fertile soil of creation. You couldn’t get away from it if you tried. Quantum physicists call it the quantum field. Others call it the field of all possibilities. Others call it the intelligent universe. You can call it whatever you want. The point is you are literally swimming in an ocean of creative possibilities.

For you and I, the seeds are our thoughts. I will say more about this in a bit but for now, every thought you have plants a seed in the fertile soil of possibilities. There are hundreds of books that explain this phenomenon. If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, that would be a great place to start. Finally, the water is our emotions. That will be the subject of a future post.

There are so many examples of how this works. At four years old, Tara Lapinsky was watching the Olympics. Later that day, her mother walked into her room to see little Tara standing on a chair with her hand on her heart. Being concerned she might fall, her well meaning mother said: what are you doing on that chair? Get down this instant. To which Tara replied: I’m receiving my gold medal. So at four years old, Tara planted the seed of being an Olympic athlete and that is what she became.

Fred Couples and Jim Nance were college roommates. Fred dreamed of being a world class golfer, Jim dreamed of being a television sports announcer. They both were on the college golf team. Every Saturday after practice, Fred would walk into the dormitory, imagining it was Butler Cabin and he had just won the US Open, and Jim would interview him as if that actually happened. Fast forward many years later. Fred did win the US Open and Jim was a sports reporter. As Fred walked into Butler Cabin, Jim was there to interview him. They embraced each other and reminisced about how they had thought about this day so many times before.   

Mr. Marriott had a root beer stand in Long Beach, California. Conrad Hilton was an architect working for a local firm. Both dreamed about having a worldwide chain of hotels and both got their wish. And my all time favorite: Reverend Ike. He was born in the south during the days of segregation and was as poor as one could be. But on his way to school, he would pick up a stick and make believe he was driving a fancy car. His mother used to say to him: you have a rich mind.

So this poor African American boy became a very successful minister and motivational speaker and by the mid 1970’s, his weekly radio sermons were carried by hundreds of radio stations across the US. He became a multimillionaire and at least to me, demonstrated what people could accomplish by channeling their thoughts and tapping into the power of their minds.

As this week proceeds, please think about this creation process, map it onto your experience, and see if you can see how this applies to your life and those of others you know well. Next week we’ll take a deeper cut at what this means.

To be continued . . .

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