Are you clear about your intentions?

One of my all time favorite authors is Deepak Chopra. I have participated in weekend seminars with him and have gone to numerous events to hear him speak. He has written over 30 books and the man is absolutely brilliant. I especially like that what he teaches is totally consistent with the Unshackled Leadership philosophy and for all of these reasons, when he says something, I listen.

One of the things he says is that your life is created out of your intentions and what you have your attention on. And, given the series of posts I’ve just concluded writing, that’s totally understandable since what we have our attention on and what we are intending live in our thoughts and it is our thoughts that create.

If you’re with me so far, you can understand why I stress that it’s critical to be thinking about the future you want to create rather than your current problems, challenges and circumstances because both are what’s grabbing your attention. If you have your attention on your problems, challenges and circumstances, you’ll create more of those. But if you have your attention on the future you want to create, that’s what you’ll manifest.

What I want to focus on here is the issue of your intentions. It’s not my experience that most people focus much on that. To encourage you to do exactly that, let me share with you something we at Unshackled Leadership Co. do every week. I learned this from reading The Intenders Handbook and if you want to learn more about this, you can go to their web site and there’s lots of information there.

Bottom line: in order for all of us to spend time thinking about what we want to intend to happen, we have a weekly phone call every Monday morning. We all call into our bridge line since we’re scattered around the country. What happens on the call is as follows: Understanding that each of us has declared our intentions for the week to the group the week before, each person in the group has an opportunity to report to the others how their week was, with particular emphasis on what we had included on our intentions list for the previous week.

For example, one of the things I always put on my list is that some new, unexpected business opportunity comes my way. Well last week, out of the blue, I received a call from someone who was referred to me by two people familiar with our work, wanting to talk about my willingness to participate in a meeting of their company. Another member of our group has been intending for several months to get a brand new car and this week she was excited to report that the new car had arrived.

There may be some questions or discussions about what each of us reports but that is not a major part of the call. Anyway, after each of us has shared our report from the previous week, we again go around the circle, so to speak, and each of us shares our intentions for the coming week. As each of us completes, the rest of us say: “And so it is.” We then forward our list of intentions to everyone else in the group.

Why do we do this and what are the benefits? Well, if what we create in life is based on what we have our attention on and our intentions, the most obvious answer to that question is that it forces us to create our intentions. What most if not all of us do is to take some time Sunday evening to think about the week ahead and what we would like to intend will happen. At least for me, this forces me to look at every aspect of my life and get clear about what I want to intend will happen. Then, every morning, I not only read my intentions, but I read everyone else’s intentions and take a few moments intending that all of us will see the manifestation of our intentions.

We’ve been doing this for well over a year and we have all seen miraculous events occur which we attribute to this process. New jobs, new cars, wonderful events, breakthroughs in results, profitability, and all manner of things. So I highly highly recommend that you put together a group of like minded people and start doing this. I know many people who have been in groups like this for years where they actually meet in person. Since our group is scattered around the country, we do it by phone. But however you do it, start a group and get to work being clear about your intentions and sharing them weekly with people who will support you in whatever you’re up to in life.

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