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Summarizing what we’ve discussed over these past few weeks:

* You were born with the same exact power to create as everyone else.

   * You can create anything

   * And, you’re creating all the time

   * There’s never a time you’re not creating

* There’s not one thing you see with our eyes that’s the truth – it’s only a projection of your past thoughts

* Your thoughts create your experiences 100% of the time

* Your emotions are the fuel that either makes everything happen or prevents things from happening.

This week, let’s talk about how this applies to money and wealth and I want to warn you right up front that what I’m about to say probably violates everything you’ve ever been told about money. So do your best to keep an open mind and don’t run away the first time I say something that offends you.

Let’s start with the first principle above: you were born with the same exact power to create as everyone else. That being the case, you have the same power to be a millionaire or even a billionaire as Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. Now you may think they’re smarter than you, more creative than you, or more knowledgeable about money than you. You might even believe they were in the right place at the right time or just had more opportunities than you. Now the fact of the matter is that some or all of those thoughts might be true, but it still doesn’t mean you can’t be as rich as them.

The one thing those people don’t have that you likely have is a wide range of limiting beliefs about money. Remember, there’s not one thing you see with your eyes that’s the truth – it’s only a projection of your past thoughts, in this case about money. So the amount of money and wealth you have right now is what you have created with your thoughts and emotions. Hardly anyone understands that. You likely think that you “earn” money from what you do. That’s nonsense. The money may come to you via the work you do but it’s not created by what you do.

Money and wealth works like everything else. There are no exceptions to these principles. You create money and wealth with the thoughts you have about money and the emotions you experience about money and those thoughts are mostly very limiting and those emotions are mostly very negative. And this is why the rich keep getting richer (they have rich thoughts) and the poor keep getting poorer (they have poor thoughts) and why some people, like my father, work their whole lives and end up with nothing.

My dad was quite a teacher for me. He had incredibly limiting beliefs about money. When I was growing up, I constantly heard “we can’t afford it” or “do you think money grows on trees?” If I wanted something really badly, he would tell me to ask my grandfather because after all, my grandfather had a lot of money and the implication was that we didn’t. My dad also bought into the common belief that the way to make money was to work for it and work hard. So he quit school when he was 15 and went to work in the family plumbing business where he worked for the next 50 years, hating every minute of it and literally ending up with nothing.

And my dad’s attitude was also really negative. His father and brother both escaped from the plumbing business, leaving it to him, and became successful and fairly rich investing in real estate. Of course, my father completely resented them because they had what he wanted and you could feel his resentment every day when he came home from another hard day at work.

To be complete, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with hard work. If you want to work hard at something you’re creating, go for it. Just don’t think it will make you rich. If you want to get rich, you must eliminate your negative and limiting beliefs about money, start thinking like rich people think, and start generating a positive attitude, like I discussed last week, about money and wealth.

We have many ideas and programs to help people identify and release their limiting beliefs about money, far too many to go into any detail here. If you want to hear about our programs and how we can support you and your company in doing this, please e mail me at

To be continued . . . 

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