Learn to take responsibility for what you allow into your mind

I’ve written extensively about how each of us is responsible for our own experiences. If you haven’t as of yet figured out that you are the source of your experience, it’s really time for you to jump on board. While we often like to think that outside forces are determining our experiences, at least to some degree, it’s just not the truth. To make matters worse, to think that turns you into a victim and while that might be momentarily satisfying, I surely don’t recommend that way of thinking if you want ultimately to be happy and successful.

If you’re with me so far, let’s explore how the mind works so you can be highly effective in creating the circumstances you desire. First to understand is that it is generally accepted that you have both a conscious mind (CM) and a subconscious mind (SM) and understanding how they work is key to your success. Your CM is your reasoning mind and it’s capable of development to a very high degree, which is why you’re as smart as you are. You mostly have direct access to your CM and it is highly useful in helping you plan and think through different situations.

But it’s also generally accepted that your CM is like the tip of the iceberg and that your SM is infinitely more powerful than your CM. Unfortunately, you mostly don’t have direct access to your SM and why that’s often a problem is that stored within your SM are all your memories and your emotions from things that have happened in the past. While I could write volumes about what to do with that, I will save that for the future. What I want to focus on today is how to take advantage of your SM.

To do that, you must understand that your SM is your faithful helper and your partner in your success. I have spoken in the past about how our thoughts are creative and that they get planted in the fertile soil of infinite possibilities and start to manifest. Well that’s the job of your SM. You have the ability to use your CM to plant seeds in your SM and it will immediately get to work looking to guide you in the direction of the seeds you have planted.

Your SM actually enjoys serving you and is totally amenable to suggestion. This is good news. But the bad news, so to speak, is that your SM has no facilities for discernment or judgment. Have you heard the expression: garbage in/garbage out? Well that absolutely applies to the relationship between your CM and SM. If you use your CM to plant garbage in the receptive soil of your SM, what you will create is garbage. And that’s exactly why so many people don’t even come close to having what they want. They irresponsibly let all kinds of garbage in and then complain about what they get.

Here’s the bottom line: If you want to have the life and company of your dreams, you must begin to take total responsibility for what thoughts you allow into your CM. If anyone says anything to you that is negative or limiting, immediately say: “that’s not true!” More importantly, if you hear yourself say or think anything that is negative or limiting or inconsistent with your intentions, immediately say to yourself: “cancel, cancel,” and then say to yourself what you want to think.

Nobody promised you life would be easy, and it isn’t. If you want to have a great life, it’s going to take work on your part. And this is the most important work of all. You have to stay conscious and manage your thoughts. But if you’re willing to do the work, the results can be extraordinary.

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