Here’s something that may be holding you back

You hardly ever talk to anyone who doesn’t want to produce more or better results in their work life. Yet, in spite of this almost universal desire to improve, the vast majority of people don’t. If you fall into this category, here are some insights that might help you move forward.

First of all, you must understand that the reason why you are where you are is that you are comfortable there. Now that might seem a bit unreasonable if you’re not happy where you are, but it’s true nonetheless. The fact of the matter is that you wouldn’t be where you are if, at some level, it didn’t feel safe to be there.

So, the first thing you have to come to grips with if you want to move off where you are is that you are going to have to change. Oh my gosh, I just said the dreaded “change” word. It’s remarkable to me how much people resist change and that may be the biggest reason why you’re stuck (assuming you are).

The reality is that change is not bad. You change every day. No day is ever like the day before. You’re constantly adapting to new circumstances. So stop resisting and start embracing change.

I recommend that you get a sheet of paper and at the top, write what there is about your business life that you would like to change. Be sure to write exactly what the change would look like in the physical world. Then, and here’s the key, write down what would have to change about you in order for this change in your business life to occur.

Now comes the fun part. There are two sides of every change, a positive one and a negative one. On your piece of paper, draw a vertical line and on the left side, write the positive things about the change and on the right side write the negative things about the change.

I recently took myself through this exercise and the results were quite interesting. As I have now essentially fully recovered from the health challenge that kept me out of action the first half of the year, I created some very lofty goals for my company. I looked at the changes that would have to take place within me for that to happen and they all seemed reasonable and doable.

It was then quite fun to write the positive things about the change: I would see my hopes and dreams for my company become a reality; I would be able to make a huge difference with companies all around the world; I would feel really good about myself and the contribution I was making: and more.

What I didn’t expect was what came up when I started to look at the negatives of the change: could I handle the physical challenges?; I would have much greater responsibilities; I would feel responsible for everyone in my company and everything we took on; I would have to learn to let go.

Through this exercise, I came to realize how responsible I feel, about everything, and how hard it is to let go. Wow. I never really saw that before. The insights had me look at my fears about the change and I came to realize that this could be the biggest reason why people resist change: it’s fearful. So I listed all of the fears I could think of and one by one, I looked to see if I was up to confronting them. Concluding the answer was yes, I’m now more excited than ever to get on with producing the results I started this exercise with.

Try this exercise for yourself. It can be as insightful for you as it was for me. And if you want next year to be the best year ever, come join me in the 2015 Roadmap to Success coaching program:

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