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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

 I just returned from my first coast-to-coast trip of the year. I flew from Orange County, CA to Nashville to speak to the Portable Sanitation Association International at the fabulous Gaylord Opryland Hotel. But there’s far more to the story than that.

While many of you know that I had a major health challenge last year as my... Read More ➝

Effective teamwork is dependent on effective communication

In my last post, in discussing the AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity team defining coaching as “a short- to medium-term relationship between a manager or senior leader and a consultant (internal or external) with the purpose of improving work performance,” I commented that I found it unfortunate that coaching has become thought of in such a limited way. Our findings are... Read More ➝

What is coaching all about anyway?

Over the centuries, the value of coaching has been established in sports in the skills and attitude of athletes. In the twentieth century, it became a practice in companies—specifically, a responsibility of managers to address the work performance of staff. Increasingly, however, companies are utilizing it to address the career and job needs of their senior executives, and they... Read More ➝

It’s really not that hard to create a winning atmosphere at work

I mentioned in my last post that I had spent an entire day last week training a group of individuals at Linkedin in Sunnyvale, CA in the Unshackled Leadership philosophy. I mentioned that I was exposed to the amazing lifestyle that exists at companies like Linkedin. At the lunch break, we all went up to the cafeteria where everyone... Read More ➝

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