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Peace at home: a requirement for success

When you walk into work in the morning are you at peace? Are you ready to face the day with enthusiasm and optimism? Did you leave a situation at home in a good place? Is all well between you and your spouse and any children at home? What about between them? Is your home life joyous and loving? Unfortunately,... Read More ➝

What do you bring consciously to the world?

Who are you? What do you believe to be true? What do you bring consciously to the world? And even more interesting, what do you bring unconsciously to your work, to your organization, to your relationships? How does that which you have either denied about yourself or feel uncomfortable about shape your life positively or negatively? What lies in... Read More ➝

Get lemons, make lemonade – part two

In last week’s post, in which I detailed my latest health challenges, I ended by saying: The good news is that I don’t feel victimized by any of this. I know I create my own reality and this didn’t just happen. What I’m seeing is simply a result of my past thinking and emotions. So I spend a lot... Read More ➝

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