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How to motivate people at work

Two weeks ago in Seattle, I gave a talk to an audience of mid-level managers of Fortune 1500 companies and offered all the attendees a free, one hour coaching session to discuss any business related issue. Now, two weeks later, after more than a dozen of those coaching sessions, I realize that what's on the minds of so... Read More ➝

What politics teaches us about life

Having leaped somewhat into the world of politics last week and not getting blasted for doing so, I think I'm going to continue with that approach for awhile because the world of politics gives us a clear lens to look through in understanding why the world is the way it is and, indeed, why life is the way... Read More ➝

Let’s get clear about what an apology is and isn’t

I'm going to deviate from what I normally write about because something happened this last week that I can't resist commenting about. Now as soon as I tell you what it is, you are likely to think I'm jumping into the political arena so let me assure you I am not. While I would love to comment on... Read More ➝

Relationships show us our wounds that need healing

Last week, after hearing from a friend that she was writing a book on relationships, I decided to jump right into the subject and offer a few insights I've had over the years. I'm going to keep most of these short and sweet to give you lots of opportunity to think about my assertions before I hit you... Read More ➝

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