Make Things Better by altering your worldview

Do you want to have a breakthrough at work? Do you want the results of your company to increase dramatically? Do you want to feel more energized, more enthusiastic, happier? All of these things are a lot easier to obtain than I’m sure you realize. It’s all about changing your worldview.

I’m going to keep this simple because it is simple. The problem likely is that you won’t believe what I’m about to say because of the simplicity of it. Here’s your biggest problem: you don’t realize that you’re in charge of everything in your life and business. You worry about customers, vendors, employees, suppliers, the economy, the competition, everything outside of yourself. It’s such a waste of your energy and time.

All of those things you worry about are all part of your worldview. But you actually believe that those things are both real and true. After all, there are customers and vendors and employees, etc. Here’s the key insight: There is no such thing as real or true. There is ONLY what’s real or true for YOU. It’s all what you believe. And mostly, your beliefs are negative and self defeating.

You actually believe that you have obstacles to your success, that you have to do things to overcome those obstacles and you need something to support you in doing the things you have to do. That’s part of the worldview you were born into. It’s just not the truth. You don’t need anything and there’s nothing you need to do. Here’s what will likely be a startling fact: everything you’ve ever thought you wanted is already there. The moment you thought about it, the Universe created it. You just need to let it come to you.

But there are so many barriers to that happening. First, you don’t believe any of that and your life is being created out of what you do believe. Second, you don’t trust the Universe to deliver. As I’ve mentioned before, Einstein said you have to decide whether you believe the Universe is friendly or hostile. Trust me, it’s friendly. But you don’t trust it.

Third, most people don’t have much of an ability to receive. Most people don’t feel worthy of receiving. If you want to receive all the Universe has waiting for you, you have to learn to feel you deserve everything. Expect life to be good. Pound yourself multiple times a day with acknowledgement for everything you do.

Our philosophy, which we call “Unshackled Leadership” is designed fundamentally to help you change your worldview from one that disempowers you and prevents you from having what you want to one consistent with this post which empowers you to have it all. By learning the principles of Unshackled Leadership, an individual’s worldview is altered, immediately changing his or her perspective for the better;

Once an individual’s worldview is changed, team relationships can, and typically do, improve dramatically and when teams are functioning at a high level, business results will also improve dramatically.

With one Unshackled Leadership client company, BEFORE: sales were flat and there was virtually no profitability for five consecutive years, AFTER: sales doubled in the first three years and profitability increased by more than ten times. With another client company, where BEFORE: sales had grown an average of 9% per year for over 20 years, AFTER: sales increased by 32% the first year.

This is not hard. You just have to be willing to give up your negative thoughts and beliefs and exchange them for the thoughts and beliefs I’ve discussed here. As many of you like to hear me say, do you want to be right or happy? If the later, give up all the negative thoughts you’ve held onto for too long and exchange them for thoughts and beliefs which are consistent with what you want. Start trusting the Universe to deliver and open your arms and heart to receive.

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