The Terrorists Who Tried to Steal Christmas

After the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, it got to the point where I could no longer stand the 24/7 media attention given to the event and the almost ludicrous knee-jerk reactions that resulted. But what was there to do? Is there a solution other than continuing to react and watch these events happen over and over?

In the face of this predicament, who showed up on the scene was my friend Scott Robertson of Robertsoncomm with an article that made a lot of sense to me. It follows unedited. What do you think?

Recently, ISIS struck just about an hour away from my home and office. …Another horrible tragedy. And they (the terrorists) got exactly what they wanted: 24/7 media attention, knee-jerk reactions and fear.

We the people gave it to them freely as we have done so many times before. We blamed gun control, immigration and Visas and questioned our security. Again, that was probably the plan.

From a PR perspective, if you want to rally public opinion in one way or another, there needs to be an event, a stimulus or a series of events designed to do so. Now consider what ISIS and other terrorist groups truly want – they want to see an end to the United States of America – not just the country, the very idea of such a place. The idea of a free, equal society where anyone can say anything at any time, worship any God they choose, aspire to become anything, including president…etc.

They want us to stop acting so…American — to close our borders, to restrict our freedoms and our speech, to fear each other. That’s the real plan. They are like children who misbehave for attention – it’s hard to look away, but any parent knows the only way to stop the tantrum is to deny the motivation for the behavior. Snuff the fire by cutting its oxygen supply.

They are playing us, and our 24/7 news media machine is only too happy to comply and we are only too happy to get sucked in. So I say (and this will be some radical thinking here) …let’s not.

I am now calling for a voluntary ban of any mass shooting or terrorist activity stories from the news media. Media conglomerates, recognize your role in creating this problem and do what you can to take away the stimulus. It really is that simple.

And then we the people, need to force ourselves not to pay attention to these stories – boycott them nationwide, take away the ratings, and stop reacting and behaving as one would expect, but do the opposite. Like the Whos in Whoville after the Grinch tried to steal Christmas, we need to not limit our freedoms, but expand them further (because they HATE that), not let fewer people into this country legally, but more. Everything they expect and want us to do, we need to do the opposite.

And to me, that’s exactly how you stop it from happening again.         

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