Sometimes things just work out great

Every once in awhile I get an opportunity to work on a project that, for one reason or another, stands out from the rest. I’m sure you’ve had that experience yourself. One of those happened last week. It all started when I had the opportunity to speak to a group of senior executives at a convention in Washington, DC, last fall. There were people in the audience from Bose, T-Mobile, Boeing, Sylvania, Linkedin, FedEx, Cisco, Ford and many others. Getting to work with any of those companies would have been a dream comes true.

We’ve all heard of what goes on at some of these really exciting companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo and others. So to work for one of them would be additionally special. And it happened. I just spent an entire day last week training a group of individuals from Linkedin in Sunnyvale, CA in the Unshackled Leadership philosophy.

The gentleman who heads up the Global Workplace was in the audience in DC. He immediately decided he wanted me to train all of the people in his department. When I asked him why, here’s what he said: As soon as you started to talk about “listening,” you got my attention. And when you explained how different people listen in different ways, I was intrigued. I have a terrific team but one thing I know about them is that they often don’t take the time to really listen to others and it gets in the way of their ability to serve those in the organization we are here to serve. I concluded that I had a lot to learn from you and that you could really help my team.

So it took awhile to put it all together, but last week the entire team of almost 50 people from the US, England, Ireland, Brazil and Singapore got together in Sunnyvale for a day of training. Here’s what one person had to say at the end: “Scott, Thank you so much for taking the time to lead our group in such a powerful session. Everyone walked away with some very tangible information and practices which are theirs forever. It was great to meet you and I look forward to our next session. Have a blessed day.”

The best part of the day was that all the participants left being happier, more satisfied and more fulfilled and with a set of tools that will allow them to dramatically improve the quality of all their relationships, both at home and at work. In addition, I was exposed to the amazing lifestyle that exists in companies like Linkedin. At the lunch break, we all went up to the cafeteria where everyone in the company can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a wonderful perk, nothing I’ve ever experienced. You could tell how much the company cares about their employees and how much the employees enjoy working for the company. As the gentleman said above, we all look forward to our next opportunity to work together, which will be next month when we have our first follow-up session.

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